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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and it is trump and sanders in nw hampshire. and a big talk they are morning is the republican runner-up. >> to restart spirit of america and to leave no one behind. am i right? that's what we are all fighting for. [cheering] >> reporter: the major momentum governor john kasich is gaining as the race heads from south carolina. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this wednesday morning. it is february 10. thank you for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. we have two breaking story we have two breaking stories that we are following and more snow is on its way. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center, and shiri, the snow is moving in all day, making it a real knew real knew nuisance for people. >> shiri: a chance for scatter >> shiri: a chance for scattered snow from start to finish. the good news is if you are willing to leave the house and heading into massachusetts, you are just fine. teens and 20s.
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25 in boston. some of the cooler temperatures for the in between. hey, 7 a.m. comes along and still mostly areas orange, keene seeing a couple of flurries. i won't be surprised by 7:00 to see a couple of flurries inching their way into the worcester area, but by lunchtime here, obviously it is a snowy obviously it is a snowier picture. we have snow that develops across the boston area by about lunchtime today, and into the evening commute. we have got the chance for snow continuing. light and scattered most of the day. a couple of snow squalls. i will time them out for you. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and an accident update. >> julie: shiri, route 1 northbound, a rollover vehicle pretty serious as you approach lynn fell parkway. overall volume is light but not impacting your drive time. this is one breaking stories we are following. route 28 and blocked right now from 93 because of an accident investigation. live look at the zakim bridge. traffic moving along fine at
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here is your live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 from peabody to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. fire fighters battle intense flames shooting out of the windows of this home. this has been breaking all morning long. fire fighters pull three people from the home. >> fortunately one person has -- unfortunately one person has died. jessica reyes is live in fitch jessica reyes is live in fitchburg where fire fighters still don't know where the flames startgood morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. figure that out. but happened on walton street here in fitchburg, and this home that you see right here, you can see crews are still on the scene here at this hour. and a short time ago, the fire chief did confirm one person was the hospital here. we have some new video of crews fighting the flames. you can see fire fighters on the roof battling those flames just minutes before getting them out.
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just after midnight and went throughout two-family home in just a matter of minutes. not clear where it started but the worst damage we know is on the second floor in the back of the home. now at this point, fire crews, they are going through the home working to figure out what cause working to figure out what caused this fire. still working to figure that out. we are working to bring you more info and will have more from the scene in just an hour. live from fitchburg this morning live from fitchburg this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. >> sara: and we are also following breaking news near the blue hill reservation where there is a deadly car crash this morning. this hour we learned that two young people were killed in a crash at route 28 as it goes into quincy. police were called just before 1 police were called just before 1:30 this morning and found a mercedes on fire. a third person was pulled out alive and rushed to a boston hospital. route 28 remains closed at this hour, and our crew on scene tell us that traffic is being rerouted right now. a live report from here in just 30 minutes. a record turnout pushes outside outsiders to victory in a new
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you saw the results live here on fox25 last night. these are the numbers. vermont senator bernie sanders cruising to victory over hillary clinton in the democratic primary. sanders sand ers earned 60% of the vote. donald trump takes the win, 35% of the votes. ohio governor john kasich may be the big winner with his surprise second-place finish. iowa senator ted cruz took third place. for trump, this is his first win on the campaign trail and in his victory speech he pulled no punches talking about his goals for america. >> we are going to start winning again. and we are going to win so much. you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. >> gene: today, thump take his campaign to clemson university in south carolina. south carolina you holds the next primary in just ten days. ohio governor john kasich has serious momentum score has serious momentum scoring a
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held 106 town hall meetings leading up to last night's vote. his performance shakes up the battle between marco rubio and jeb bush. kasich attributes his success to relentless campaigning in new hampshire and the positive nature of his campaign. >> we never went negative because we have more good to sell than to spend our time being critical of somebody else. [cheering] >> gene: kasich claims 60 >> gene: kasich claims 6 >> gene: kasich claims 16% of the vote an walked away with three delegates. led hold a town hall this afternoon. as for the democrats, bernie sanders is trying to use his victim flee new hampshire to gain momentum in the rest of the country. the vermont senator is heading to new york to try to win the endorsement of the reverend al sharpton. he thanked his supporters in concord for the record voter turnout, but he also warned that his campaign could soon face more attacks because of his success.
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at me except the kitchen sink, and i have a feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. a. >> sara: moments before his speech, senator sanders took time to play basketball with his children who were in concord for his victory rally. hillary clinton's campaign is already looking ahead to the upcoming primaries and caucuses. the state police say she is better positioned to win in the southern states that vote in march. last night she quickly conceded defeat in new hampshire and told supporters she plans to re-evaluate the message that she is sending to voters. >> i know i have some work to do >> i know i have some work to people. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> reporter: and today, clinton will appear at a campaign event in south carolina before heading to mexico city for a series of fundraisers and meetings. it is now 5:06. and this morning, voters in new hampshire are off to work after
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in primary election. fox25 catherine parrotta live at the red arrow diner manchester we are voters just changed the course of this race. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. now a lot of those voters just going to sleep for the day in fact. we were talking with staff at the red arrow diner and they have been telling us a big rush throughout the early morning hours. i am with robin now. and robin, you have been here since 10:00. what the mood was like in the diner? >> it was very hectic for us. candy already left -- hi, candy. it was very hectic. voters were coming in. people who were trying to get a look at the candidates, just a sneak peek or to meet one or two of them. they weren't successful they weren't successful. but it was very, rehectic. the mood was light. everybody was happy. >> reporter: off sense that people were surprised with b the outcome election. >> i was. i was very surprised. that sense too. it was pretty busy so i wasn't
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the conversation but i tried. >> reporter: i know when we walked in, a couple of workers at the radisson and they said a crazy, crazy night for them. do you think people were working during the primary during the primaries. >> i captured those as well as folks that were, you know, trying to get a look at past candidates and so forth. but a lot of workers came in. the hadson folks said they have been going straight for days and days and days. a relief for us workers throughout it. >> reporter: the first of the nation primary, all eyes are on new hampshire, but what is it like to be in the state when it was happening and now that it is over. >> you know i never really paid attention of being part of it until i started working here at the red arrow and getting a feel for it. we had so many news crews and press coming in, it is just amazing. it is overwhelming actually. >> reporter: robin has been working hard throughout early morning and we will be trying to talk to some people as they come in for breakfast and get their
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were for the primary. i am live at the red arrow diner, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. third-place finisher ted cruz tweeting that he is on to south carolina. meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie will not be going there. and instead, he said he is at home taking time to regroup. >> we decided we are going home to new jersey tomorrow and take a deep breath, see what the final results are tonight, because that matters, whether we are 6th and 5th and exactly how all the votes have been counted. >> gene: as of right now christie is in 6th place behind marco rubio. >> sara: despite coming in 4th place, jeb bush will move forward to south carolina. he claimed about 11% of last night's vote compared to 3% in iowa. he said new hampshire voters have reset the republican race. his brother, former president george w. bush, will join him on the campaign trail next week. and new at 5:00, a majority of republican voters in new hampshire say they agree with
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muslims from entering the u.s. according to exit polls by the "boston globe" two-thirds of gop primary voters in the granite state said they were okay with trump's plan. they also expressed fear of another terrorist attack. more than 40% of voters in the republican primary identified themselves as independents, and this group voted heavily in support of trump. and stick with fox25 throughout the morning for continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary results. of course we will be following the latest developments every day as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. new this morning, an unruly passenger forces a flight from past to make an unscheduled stop in colorado. a passenger who claimed he was on board the flight posted this video to social media that appears to show a person being arrested and removed from the plane by police. aclass airlines says flight 769 from logan to san diego was diverted to denver late last night. the short time later, the flight
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landed at around 2:00 this morning. and this morning, two of the three black box data recorders have now been found at the site of a deadly train collision in germany. ten people died when two trains slammed head on into each other. this happened yesterday. dozens more were rushed to local hospitals. investigators were trying determine why an automatic brake determine why an automatic braking system that is designed to prevent trains from colliding did not stop the trains before they smashed into each other. each train was traveling over 60 miles per hour at the time of the crash. we track traffic and weather for you every ten minutes. right now on 93 southbound, you are looking at a 19-minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. sh ir? >> shiri: if you were stepping outside anything from the teens to 20s on average. about 16 degrees. by 6 a.m., 17 degrees. and we go up by one more at 7:00 this morning timing out the warm this morning timing out the warm-ups and when snow moves into your town next. 5:11. disturbing allegations this morning against a local lunch lady.
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job put her close to a boy she is accused of assaulting. happening today, the troubled cruise ship sailed flight a storm is coming back into port. the local couple on board tell us what it was like as 30-foot
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welcome back at 5:15. i am daniel miller. it is video that will make you seasick. a cruise ship sails right into a home and passengers are forced
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side of their boat for hours. happening today, that cruise ship will dock at its home port in new jersey. a local couple on board say they are just happy to be alive. >> 20 to 25-foot seas. >> reporter: this is what hundreds of passengers on board the anthem of the seas cruise ship experienced on sunday night night. >> to the balcony and made us nervous and we ended up closing the curtains. >> reporter: scott and shannon cruise twice a year. they were excited about their week-long vacation at sea, bound for the bahamas until sunday evening, just one day after leaving new jersey. >> started off it was just pretty much rain, a little bit of wind, wasn't too bad. it rapidly intensified and around 3:00, they -- they asked us to go back to our state rooms, and then it just got worse from there basically. >> i would say between 5:30 and
5:16 am
yeah, we were nervous. you can't fight that. your body has that fight or flight. so you are feeling it. >> reporter: they say the crew and captain did a great job of keeping everyone calm, making regular announcements and checking up on people in their rooms. >> so we relaxwe were drinking wine and watching super bowl in our cabin. >> it was great. >> we were fine. >> reporter: the ship's captain aired this interview for passengers to view. >> a special thing, you know. it just -- just became so intensified. >> reporter: the captain is claim the storm was worst than what was forecast and some are off in the first place >> the thing about this storm was that it was forecast for day was that it was forecast for days. >> reporter: as for the horges they admit they are bummed that their trip was cut smart. >> it is feeling like this wasn't even a vacation, but when you look at what we went
5:17 am
are kind of sad we are going back home to -- >> shovel snow. >> snow. >> daniel: the ntsb is investigating this morning. we will be following up as the boat approaches shore all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. good morning, everyone. we now have live pictures of the last report. this is route 1 in saugus northbound near lynn fell parkway. a serious accident. you can see several cars -- police cars on scene right now. and we have those -- two right and we have those -- two right-hand lanes are blocked. overall volume is light that the hour and not having a huge impact on drive times but i will continue to monitor it for you throughout the morning. i also want to let you know that part of route 128 is closed from 128 in quincy because an earlier accident and the investigation going on there. here are those live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the
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meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, i know you are tracking some incoming snow, and those very cold temperatures. >> yes, so freezing cold temperatures by the weekend here, but today it is snow. that is our big story. not a whole lot of it. not a whopper of a storm. by comparison, it is going to be a kind of weenie storm out there a kind of weenie storm out there. but a coating to two inches in the forecast. more flurries also expected tomorrow, and by the weekend, 20 to 25 degrees below average. so this is how doler radar looks right now. it is western massachusetts where i have got some of that snow popping up, so anyone traveling up to western massachusetts, western connecticut, we do have that light snow in place, but it is going to be filling in and traveling eastward here through the morning hours. reaching boston around 10 or 11 o'clock this morning. right now 25 degrees in the city right now 25 degrees in the city. you are only going to find some patchy cloud cover. obviously dry. the winds not very active today either. 25 degrees at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., 28 degrees. by 11 a.m., we will have some
5:19 am
and during the afternoon, we deal with on and off snow showers. worcester will get in onto a little sooner. 20 degrees right now and check this out. we have the risk of snow all day long starting as soon as 7 o'clock. this morning 19 degrees. still at risk for going down by one or two and temperatures here get into the lower 30s this afternoon with the ongoing threat of mostly light snow and a couple of pops of heavier snow a couple of pops of heavier snow. 34 in boston. 35 in keene today. 36 lawrence over to beverly. boston taps out at about 37 degrees. plymouth tops out at about 37 degrees and 35 in hyannis. yes, everybody gets some snow today. only going with a coating to two inches of inches inches. but locally snow squalls and heavier bursts. there could be slightly higher totals only for a handful of towns and cities, and it is very difficult to pinpoint ahead of time. remember that fox25 weather app when you are on the go keep you guys on top of where the heavy
5:20 am
noontime we do have snow filling in the boston area and throughout afternoon it is very widely scattered. not an all afternoon storm, but do you need to be prepared lunchtime, evening commute, dinnertime for some of the snowflakes out there and then by 8:00 this evening for the day tomorrow, we have a cold front coming through that will trigger more flurries and also get windy and cold into your thursday with winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. by friday, dry, 24 degrees. by the weekend 18 on saturday and my warmer of the two days. keeping flurries in the saturday forecast. best chance of snow over the cape, and then dropping it by several more degrees on sunday. highs everyone to be in the teens. wake-up weather around zero. wait until you see how brutal the wind chills will be coming up in a couple of minutes. back over to you, guys. a scare on the sidelines. coming up at 5 :30, a legendary coach has a medical emergency right here in boston. what caused him to collapse on
5:21 am
and nile under what you not -- what you should not be doing on the job. how this buy it managed to stay
5:22 am
5:23 am
nearly died in the watertown shootout with the marathon bombers is going to retire. at 36 years old late last night, sergeant dic donohue returned to duty -- late last year sergeant dic donohue returned to duty. donohue said he is still in pain and this is what is right for the department. >> time is right to pass the torch to the next generation of police and law enforcement leaders and give someone else a shot and do what is right for me shot and do what is right for me, my family and the department. >> gene: donohue accepted a position as a professor at fischer college. he will be teaching criminal justice. he and his wife are expecting a second child in april. the president has sent his final budget to congress a $4.1 trillion proposal. the president want $19 billion to be allocated for a broad cyber security plan. and the budget calls for millions of dollars in cancer research and opiate abuse program. the pentagon requested more than
5:24 am
of threats including isis. a setback to the president's efforts to stop climate change. the supreme court has blocked a plan to limit emissions of green plan to limit emissions of greenhouse gas. more than two dozen states have filed a federal lawsuit. lightning strikes can be a spectacular sight, so check out this bird's eye view we are about to show. you this is a you this is a time lapse video of a storm taken from space. the from the international space station. he captured lightning crossing through europe and africa. the video was released yesterday and already has hundreds of thousands of facebook views this morning. >> so beautiful and so interesting. also the type of thing that would make my husband say he will go down to the bunker. [ laughter ] also sometimes, it is just too hard to keep your eyes open at work. you know the feeling these early morning hours. well, one intern got internet famous for it.
5:25 am
passed out with his headphones on at his desk. he is he is an intern for a canadian tech start-up and this was only his second day on the job. the photo went viral when someone put it on reddit. he fell asleep for 25 minutes he was so knocked out he couldn't hear his co-workers cracking out. he has anemia that cause thoyms fall asleep but he will make sure to have caffeine on hand at all times. i have to tell you at a former job we had a meteorologist that actually fell asleep and we toss actually fell asleep and we tossed -- we tossed over to him and he was like [snoring] -- and actually snoring. >> julie: he was miced up and could you hear it. >> sara: shiri, would you never do that [snoring] >> shiri: just kidding. three inches below the norm for this time of year, and 77 inches this time of year, and 77 inches.
5:26 am
snowfall. >> gene: shiri is never asleep
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that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 5:30, meteorologist shiri spear is this "nuisance weather." we are tracking snow in western new england.
5:29 am
across the region and good morning, everyone. thank you so much for waking up with us. >> gene: nuisance weather as we call it around here "winter." [laughter] shiri is tracking -- a rough week. this is winter smacking news the face right now. >> shiri: you know what, it is. typically january is our snowy typically january is our snowiest month. this time around we are getting it again in february. you can see out west, we have the snowflakes falling now. they still have a while to go area. you can see brookfield right now a couple of flurries at 16 degrees. waking up to only 20 in worcester. 17 in leominster now. 12 in hollis, new hampshire, so teens stretched across southern new hampshire. lexington, 14 degrees. 21 right now walpole. we have milton at 23. boston itself at 25, but a lot of the burbs will be cooler from norton to hanover. only 17 on the map. still dry in these spots. 21 in duxbury. we have snow getting somewhat close right now.
5:30 am
teens and still looks mostly dry. by late morning, we will have some light and scattered snow in place, including in boston at about 33 degrees. we have highs in the middle 30s this afternoon and does come with not just light snow, but potential for a couple of bursts of heavier snow called snow squalls. because of that around lunchtime, the evening commute, we will deal with adumelation, snow squalls and visibility concerns that will break down. now julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, a pretty busy start to the morning for you. >> julie: it is, shiri. we already had hevrl accidents have for you in a moment. a live look from our traffic camera in saugus from route 1 parkway. you can see there is a rollover car and about four or five police cars on scene as well as a tow truck to clear that car. it is northbound and not having a heavy impact on the traffic flow yet. once we pick up, southbound commuters slowing down to take a look at what is going on.
5:31 am
at 93 in woburn. let you know route 128 closed from 128 and more details in a moment. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. breaking right now, another bad crash overnight. this one in abington. police say a car crashed into a pole and flipped over on bedford street route 18. this happened just after 4 a.m. the scene a south carolinative right now and the road will be closed from randolph to the weymouth line. we are asking drivers to avoid this area. they are expected to be closed until 10:00 this morning as details come in. we will be sure to bring them to you. we continue to follow a horrific crash breaking in quincy. we are waiting for authorities to reopen route 28. we learned at the scene, two young people were killed.
5:32 am
right near the entrance to the blue hills reservation and michael, within the last 15 minutes, they removed the car from the scene. >> and yet route 28 does remain efforts. it is closed from here in this side actually on the milton side of the border on chikatoba road throughout quincy line over to 893. it doesn't that this road will be close today much longer because that car was taken away just a few minutes ago as you mentioned, gene. with that said, look at this overturned car video we recorded about 30 minutes ago. such a tragic situation and the more i learn here, the more upsetting it is. mass state police say two people were killed and another person was taken to the hospital. and as we see baseball cards thrown across the roadway from that car. a source tells me the three people in the mercedes were younger people driving north toward boston when they hit a snow bank, a tree flipped over, and burst into flames. the road has been closed since
5:33 am
now we are working to find out why that car initially lost control causing this deadly crash on a stretch of road that is often considered dangerous by those around here that drive it. we will bring that you information as soon as we learn it, and, of course, as soon as the road opens here as well, we will get that you right away. live in milton. michael henrich, fox25 news. we are lling also following in fitchburg. one person was killed at the house on walton street. fire fighters pulled two other people from the home just after midnight. this is video of flames shooting out of that home. the surviving victims are at local hospitals. unclear how serious their injuries may be. fire officials are on the scene investigating. our crews are there gathering details. new updates throughout the morning as we send out alerts on the fox25 news app. also this morning, a record turnout pushes outsiders to victory in the new hampshire primary. you saw the results live here on fox25 last night.
5:34 am
vermont senator bernie sanders cruise cruising to victory over former secretary of state hillary clinton. in the democratic primary, sanders earned 60% of the vote to 38% for clinton. for republicans, donald trump takes the win 35% of the vote and ohio governor john kasich may be the big winner with his surprise second-place finish. iowa senator ted cruz took third place. >> for trump this win is the first on the campaign trail and in his victory speech, he pulled no punches when talking about his goals for america. >> we are going to start winning again, and we are going to win so much. you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. >> gene: today thump take his campaign to clemson university in south carolina. south carolina is the site of the next primary in just ten days. and for the democrats, bernie sanders is now trying to use his victim flee new hampshire to gain momentum in the rest of the country. today, the vermont senator is
5:35 am
win the endorsement of the reverend al sharpton. last night sanders thanked his supporters in concord for the record voter turnout, but he also warned that his campaign could soon face more attacks because of his success. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and the feeling that kitchen sink is come pretty soon as well sink is come pretty soon as well. >> sara: moments before his speech, senator sanders took time to play basketball with his grandchildren who was in concord for his victory rally. ohio governor john kasich has serious momentum scoring serious momentum scoring a surprising second-place finish. he held 106 town halls across the state leading to last night's vote. his performance shakes up the battle between fellow candidates marco rubio and jeb bush. kasich attributes his success to his relentless campaigning in new hampshire and the positive
5:36 am
>> yes never went negative, because we have more good to sell than to spend our time being critical of somebody else. >> sara: kasich claimed 16% of the gop vote and walked away three delegates. he will hold a town hall in south carolina later today. this morning, voters in new hampshire are you off to work and back to their normal routine one day after taking part in a very big primary election. fox25's catherine parrotta live at the red arrow diner manchester where voters in new hampshire are certainly putting their stamp on this primary election. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. people waking up to learn the results of the primary. others have worked in the diner all night for the primary and they are getting a meal before they get some sleep. chuck, talking about the results of the primary. first of all, were you surprise who had won? >> no, i wasn't. i was pleased that donald trump got the job done. >> reporter: we were talking
5:37 am
republican field and you are telling me -- what were your thoughts of john kasich coming in behind donald trump. >> i am surprised that kasich finished as strong as he did. >> reporter: we were also talking about democratic side and sanders had a pretty big margin victory over hillary clinton. what were your thoughts on that part. >> it looked like he would take command of the whole thing. and he did. hillary, i think, is in trouble. >> reporter: have you lived near new hampshire for much of your live? >> yes, pretty much all my life. >> reporter: how did this primary compare to other ones for you. did you think that the candidate were out in force before they went into the primary. just what was your reaction to the primary process itself. >> when you throw donald trump into the mix, everything is really topsy-turvy. he is taking control of it and i don't think he is going to be able to do that for the whole campaign, but we will see what happens. >> reporter: i was going to ask you one last question, do you think the nation will follow new hampshire's lead. do you think these candidates will be the nominees at the end
5:38 am
>> i certainly do, yes. >> reporter: thank you very much. i appreciate you talking with us this morning. things are going at the dine they are morning. they told me it was packed in the early morning hours. a lot of people just going to sleep or stopping before going asleep. others wanted to be here when results came in. diner. we will be here talking to people about the reaction of the results of the. we are here at the red arrow news. >> gene: stay with fox25 for continuing coverage of the results. we are following the latest developments today was he get closer to election 2016. and happening today, the trial of a local lunch lady accused of rape accused of raping a 15-year-old student is set to begin in a dedham court room. jennette foley of weymouth was charged in 2014 for sexually assaulting the boy at holiday parties at his family's home. she pled not guilty. the past two years she has been living under bail conditions
5:39 am
wearing a gps monitoring bracelet. it convicted she could face a life sentence in prison. the public employee caught on this video nearly ramming a man with a front-end loader off the job this morning, and fox25 learns he could lose his license. the owner of b 1 auto laid in rockland reported ginini you dumping snow on his property. when he confront the driver, he was nearly run over. caught up with ginini and accident want to talk about what happened. the administrator is take the administrator is taking this situation >> the employee was suspended with pay, i am sure appropriate action but we have to follow the protocols >> the massachusetts department of safety are investigate of safety are investigating to germ whether he new lose his hoisting license to operate a front-end loader. a district chief in the department fire department is being called an embarrassment
5:40 am
edward ciglion o iv has been convicted of stealing money to buy a gas grill and flat-screen tv. they say they will fire cigliano unless he resigned first. sentencing later this month. today is ash wednesday, the official start of lent. not everyone can get to church to get ashes before the workday. the united church of christ. offering ashes for t riders. pastors will be out at the station beginning at 6:45. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. want to take you back out live to this live look right now at an accident on route 1 in saugus. a deadly rollover. starting to get a little bit of backup in the northbound lanes. still have a few police cars on scene and tshingts ow truck just let and we have a car on its roof. i will tell you how it is impact i will tell you how it is impacting your drive times in just a minute. here is shiri. >> by 7:00, a relatively low
5:41 am
your chance will be between noon noontime today and the evening commute. i will walk you through hour by hour to help prepare you for slippery roads coming up. an airline is apologizing this morning for keeping an actor off of his flight. coming up, why his clothing raised red flags at security.
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it is a deadly morning on our roads as julie grauert has been telling us all morning. one person has died in a rollover crash in saugus. this video just come this video just coming into our newsroom within the last ten minutes. it happened at route 1 northbound near the home depot. and police say a person was thrown from the car. the road is down to one lane right now as crews clear the scene. julie, of course, will keep an eye on how this affects your
5:44 am
the boston bruins have been up and down this year, but this morning is one their low points. bruins fans are wishing this guy was still around. a huge ovation for milan lucic. the first game wack with the la kings since he was traded. a brutal night for the bruins. the bruins take a 1-0 lead. but after that, score seven more times lucic getting one of those goals. bruins lose 9-2. they are heading to new york. battled back, jake crowder with the game-tying 3. it is 19-19. and then down 2 with a second left, kelly olenick gets fouled on the inbound. he makes both free throws and the celts take the lead -- or tied it again i should say. foul. chris middleton hits one of two and all he needed the bucks win it 112-111.
5:45 am
hosting north carolina. watch as head coach roy williams appears to get dizzy and fall to his knee on the sideline. he has a histories of very go. he was taken to the locker room but he is doing okay. tar heels had a 68-65 win. a popular sporting stores could go bankrupt. sports authority missed a 20 million debt payment. they are veshting with lender it is they don't reach an agreement or make a payment by sunday, they will have to file for bankruptcy and close half of the 450 stores. sports authority spends $6 million a year to visit name on stadium. . you this in morning, market analysts say merger between two toy makers is unlikely. pawtucket rhode island-based hasbro has decided to merge with mattel but experts stay probably won't happen because of antitrust issues. the toy companies have had on and off talks about merging
5:46 am
good wednesday morning, everyone. it is 5:48. we have already seen many troubles on the roads as gene and sara has been talking about as well. live pictures from an accident on route 1 northbound near lynn fell parkway in saugus. a deadly accident. you can see two right lanes still blocked. an accident on 128 southbound at 93. so far that is -- should be cleared short hee. the accident that had 28 blocked has been clear and is open up now, but we have a closure on route 18 that is closed between 139 and 59 -- and 58 in rockland. expect detours to be in place. it minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 25 minutes on 9.south from 495 to the leverett connector. 11 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128 . meteorologist shiri spear joining us now starting in the teens and 20s and dry. but snow making its that by later today.
5:47 am
area. snow one of the big stories and check this out. the cold moving in by the weekend. those will be your highs in the teens. overnight lows will be close to zero. especially when restart. morning forecast. but right now, i have got snow starting to fill in. western massachusetts. the first pops of light snow now arriving at central mass in around the falmouth area and new bedford as well. a couple of flurries in those locations. by 10:00 this morning, i know futurecast not making much progress. i am going to step in and say worcester, fitchburg, up to manchester, new hampshire manchester, new hampshire, risk of scattered light snow there but also going to watch the south coast for some continued temperature in activity by late morning. lunchtime a different story because we have snow in and around the boston area. basically all of southern new england at risk for some snow here at lunchtime today through the afternoon. and where you see that deeper
5:48 am
i know it is kind of splattered on the map here. these are snow squalls with bursts of heavier snow and they are incredibly difficult to pin are incredibly difficult to pinpoint ahead of time. unfortunately a watch and wait kind of situation here. for the evening commute, we are actively going to be tracking where those bursts of heavy snow are and where snow squalls are bringing pretty wick accumulate to the roadways. that snow will be out of here only going for a coating to two inches of snow. the best bet for landing in the higher range will be if do you get a snow squall this afternoon. temperature-wise, 25 degrees right now. in boston we have that risk of snow starting by late morning and with temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s. snow is not very effectively here. mostly going to be sticking to some of the cooler sidewalks and the cars and your porch and stuff like that. so high temperatures today 34 in worcester. 36 in manchester, new hampshire. 37 in plymouth as well as boston.
5:49 am
and the weekend always in view. tomorrow more flurries around at about 30 degrees. 24 and partly sunny on friday. saturday only tall. but sunday going to be the real cold one here. zero degrees in the morning but wind chills that will start out from 20 to 30 degrees below zero and afternoon wind chills aren't much improved. feel like in the teens, below zero. incredibly raw day and a rain snow mix late monday into tuesday. back to you, guys. a family's million dollar home is destroyed. coming up next, the toy that.set the house on fire and trapped two kids inside. and stay with us for our news at 6:00 this morning. we are talking about the results of the new hampshire primary
5:50 am
geico for your boat. see how much you could save. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time.
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a multimillion dollar dollar home is destroyed by a toy. the damage of tennessee home is extensive after a hoverboard caught fire. the fire trapped the family's two teenagers on the second floor forcing them to jump from a window into their father's arms. >> i was begging at her. yelling at her, please jump, baby, please jump. she jumped out the window without hesitation and i can't
5:52 am
>> sara: wow, fire fighters say the hoverboard's lithium ion batteries are to blame. this is a photo that this guy hoped no one would ever see. this man took several pictures at a photo booth in illinois before breaking open the machine and stealing $75 bucks. detectives say it took three months to recover the photos from the machines, and they are now hoping that someone recognized him. an 8 0-year-old man is redoing after spent four days trapped in a newspaper stand without food or water. the man locked himself into the outdoor in newspaper booth. nobody heard his calls. he was weak and dedrailted and now in the hospital. a legendary acts very is in the hospital days after her 99 the hospital days after her 99th birthday. emergency crews rushed zsa zsar gabor because she was having trouble breathing. she has been in and out of the
5:53 am
leg amputated in 2011. kicker steven gostkowski voting the children's float hospital. he 13e7b9 two hours with parents with kids and their families in the bone marrow transplant unit unit. 5:56. we have several deadly car now. coming up at 6:00, this mangled car has been towed away from a deadly scene in quincy. what we are learning of the car and who was indiana. >> we are following this breaking overnight fire. flames shoot out from the window of the home where one person has died. what investigators are looking for right now. and light accumulation will be your biggest nuisance on your
5:54 am
for snow squalls a now at 6:00, snow will impact all of us today. i am tracking widespread snow? the forecast. the timeline for squalls, and the cities and towns where it can really add up. >> gene: a deadly morning or our roads. we are following bad crashes including in one in quincy. the trouble the troubling evidence in the road and what it tells investigators about the victim. and landslide victory and landslide victories for donald trump and bernie sanders. but the big story from the primary is the republican runner primary is the republican runner-up. >> and you made it happen. you made it happen.
5:55 am
you made it happe
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